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Are you getting the O&Ms you are paying for?

Traditionally the role of specifying the collection and compiling of the project O&Ms data has been assigned to the project's architect, with the same responsibility applicable to the service engineers.

Many architects perform the role begrudgingly for a number of reasons, and we can understand why.

Firstly it's not "what they signed up for". Their role is as building designers. They have spent many years learning and honing their skills in the design of buildings. Their role in collecting documents for O&Ms is not an efficient and cost-effective use of their time.

Secondly, the compiling of O&Ms data often seriously erodes their profit margins - and everybody involved in the design and construction of a building is entitled to earn a fair and reasonable profit.

Finally, your architect and engineer may have the best of intentions but many AEC practitioners simply don't understand the documentation required to properly manage a building. Consequently many O&Ms handed over at practical completion are simply inadequate and inappropriate for a comprehensive facility management service plan.

O&Ms completion rates - AEC perception

O&Ms completion rates - reality

The diagrams above do not show fictitious figures designed to promote our cause. They are the results of actual surveys we have undertaken where the architect and/or engineer considered the O&Ms to be complete but our analysis shows that most were woefully inadequate. We're not blaming the AEC industry for this shortfall. They simply have not been equipped with the requisite knowledge to compile a quality set of complete O&Ms.

Our OM product clearly lays out the required documents in clear, concise checklists, itemising every document required.

Oandms promise you will receive a complete set of quality O&Ms

Unlike the AEC industry our role is the collection and compilation of complete, quality O&Ms documentation. We know what is required and we are happy to perform the role - it's what we do!

Most importantly though, using OandMs to compile your O&Ms will cost you no more than the traditional way of doing it. In fact it is likely to cost a lot less thanks to our streamlined methods and automated system.

We also involve the trades in the collection of O&Ms documentation, which further reduces the cost to you.

The bottom line is that you will receive a complete set of quality O&Ms that will not only meet your mandatory requirements but will form a basis of the facility management service plan for the life of the building - all for much less than you might think.

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