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Is your architect or engineer still asking for paper manuals? You need to ask them why.

Collecting O&Ms the old-fashioned way - papers documents in a series of three ring binders - is expensive, time consuming and potentially dangerous.

In fact, it's probably one of the main reasons O&Ms documentation rarely reaches a quarter of what it should be - let alone 100%.

With the OandMs system all documentation is submitted electronically, as detailed in our checklists, and securely saved on Microsoft's Azure servers.

Anyone with the proper credentials can access the data on their computer, tablet or smartphone.

More importantly they can find the exact document they are looking for with just a few clicks (or taps)... no more wading through dozens of folders, only to find the document you are looking for has been removed or - worse still - was never there in the first place.

Because all documents are stored in a database, it is easy to see if documents are missing. And missing documents can very easily lead to substandard maintenance and potentially dangerous situations for the building's inhabitants.

Stop accepting substandard project O&Ms... call 1300 784 910 or email richard@oandms.com.au to book a 15 minute, one-on-one demonstration.