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Quality O&Ms ensure the seamless transition from construction to facility manangement

The basis of a quality facility management service plan is a set of quality o&Ms.

How many times have you had to delve into an archive room or shift a brutally heavy compactus in a vain attempt to find important asset information in the O&Ms, only to come up short and frustrated that the information can’t be found or the manual has gone missing altogether!

In a digital age, why are we still insisting on boxes and boxes of paper manuals with four ring binders. Because every architect and engineer is still specifying some form of paper manuals. Why?

The cost of operating a building over 20 plus years far outweighs the initial design and build cost.

Architects, Engineers and Construction (AEC) companies struggle to realise what the importance of a quality set of asset information for a building is to a Facility Manager.

When an FM gets handed the keys to a building at PC, it’s usually them with a very small team who have to keep that building in orbit for the property owner.

The need for asset information at their fingertips is vital to the smooth operation and meeting compliance obligations for the building.

That’s why we have developed a 2-step process requiring asset information be captured during the build (BLUE OM CLOUD) and then using this asset information to develop a 20 year service management  for the building (GREEN FM CLOUD)

We can take all the data collected at the O&Ms phase during construction to form the basis of a facility management service plan that ensures that every asset - from the auto doors to the largest air handling unit - is maintained in peak operating condition.

To the best of our knowledge no other product on the market allows you to do that!

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