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Because some poor bugger has to keep the building running.

Do you need to retro-fit a facility management service plan to an existing building?

Facility managers know that compliance starts with a quality set of O&Ms.

But what if you have an existing building with little or no asset information?

OandMs can provide you with a system and process to develop your own Facility Management Service Plan (FMSP) for the life of the building.

Developing this plan can daunting but OandMs has a simple process to help develop and implement a facility management service plan for your building.

All you need is an asset list from your building.  The more detailed the better, but a simple spreadsheet with asset ID numbers (AHU-01) and a location is all you need to get started.

By taking your asset list for your building and feeding it into our system, we can produce you with an easy to read dashboard of all your service packages you need to maintain the building.

Our FM dashboard takes your asset list and creates the following for your building:

  • Detailed asset list.
  • Site-wide asset condition reports.
  • Financial management tool (capital allowance and tax depreciation report).
  • Capital expenditure forecast reporting.
  • Service manuals (allowing a service contractor to quote every task for every asset in the building, as per Australian standards).

With a click on a button the required information is available... no more trawling through a mountain of data to find a manual, test report or agreement.

Our FMSP puts you back in control of your buildings, your service contractors and provides peace of mind you have met your compliance needs. Offering the most cost-effective way to manage your building, ensuring the welfare, health and safety of your occupants and the general public as well as keeping your building compliant.

No matter how large a commercial building is, by applying our FM service plan process we can create a service plan for the life of the facility.

Want to know more on how we can get you started on your facility management service plan, call us now on 1300 784 910 or email richard@oandms.com.au to book a 15 minute, one-on-one demonstration.