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The benefits of designing and compiling your O&Ms at the design stage of your building are compelling!


At OandMs we are passionate about driving change within the Construction Industry and using technology to help the poor buggers who have to run and maintain building long after the AEC world has gone.

The stigma attached to producing project O&Ms is enormous.  Architects, Engineers and Construction (AEC) companies see O&Ms as a chore rather than the value add and final piece to a complex puzzle. It’s not complete unless it’s done right.

The AEC world has become complacent and disinterested in completing the O&Ms process for property owners.

O&Ms completion rates - AEC perception

O&Ms completion rates - reality

The diagrams above do not show fictitious figures designed to promote our cause. They are the results of actual audits we have undertaken where the architect and/or engineer considered the O&Ms to be complete but our gap analysis shows that most were woefully inadequate. We're not blaming the AEC industry for this shortfall. They simply have not been equipped with the requisite knowledge to compile a quality set of complete O&Ms.

In the compliance rich world of property owners, completion documentation matters.

OandMs brings a completely different methodology to a decades old process.

That’s why at OandMs we have not only developed the simplest system and process for delivering 100% of project completion documentation, but we have also turned the process upside down.

No longer can the AEC world afford to think that O&M’s are developed towards the end of a project.  With our system and process, nothing could be further from the truth.

OandMs has developed a detailed plan for every trade package, every asset type and every completion document required to satisfy any property owner and its facility manager.

The OandMs plan is now being developed at the 80% design stage of a project and implemented through the project specifications before the project even goes out to tender.  This has never been done before.

As O&M’s consultants working closely with the architect and design engineer, we use their design documentation to develop a plan that ensures all relevant, as-built project data is captured during the build period.

Once the plan is developed we give it to the property owner’s facility manager, so they have the final say on what asset documentation they need at the project’s completion.

Our service is different from any other O&Ms format. OandMs detailed checklists highlight every asset type, the type of document that needs to be collected and system tools for builders to monitor the O&Ms gathering progress on a daily basis.

  • Details of every asset type, associated maintenance tasks and warranties.
  • Full transparency, with tools for gap analysis and progress summary reports to measure every trade's performance with the click of a button.
  • Checklists for every trade to follow - so they know what documentation your FM needs.
  • Progress summaries for the builder to measure the performance of each trade.
  • Find what you need with just three clicks - no more searching through archived paper manuals.

PC should not be granted to the builder until they have all the completion documentation captured correctly, approved and available at your fingertips.

The building industry is struggling in its transition from paper O&Ms to digital formats for manuals, leaving many projects unfinished or in litigation over the final completion documentation.

We think Facility Managers should be playing a greater role in the early design phase of building projects and be included right from the design stage to help develop a brief for completion documentation.

By developing this brief early ensures Architects, Engineers and Construction companies give Facility Managers the completion documentation they will need to properly manage building assets and avoid increasing servicing costs.

If only AEC groups would walk a mile in a Facility Managers shoes, they would quickly understand their O&M deliverables are far from what is needed to run a building today.

If we can’t get our trades to deliver the right documentation a FM needs, we have little hope of getting anything useful on the project.

At OandMs we are putting the trust back into capturing important project information with a system that is transparent to all users, for the duration of the build.

If you are a Facility Manager take back control of this important building information.  You can now tell your property owner not to grant PC to the Builder until you know you have all the completion documentation captured correctly and at your fingertips.

Tell your builder "no O&Ms, no practical completion". It’s that simple!

If you are planning - or have just started - a new project, the OandMs system will make sure your builder delivers all the documents you need, when you need them.